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What are the payment methods available?
In the trail period of TRUCKPARTS, you can choose to remit the payment to our bank account. You can find our detail bank information after you login and place an order.
You can also choose to use Cebuana Lhuilier to do the payment for your parts. Please send the payment to our Metrobank account which will also be shown after you login in the place an order.
After you remit the money, please kindly upload the deposit slip which is issued by the bank/over-the-counter payment center to our website. After we got the remittance, we will send a confirmation email to you and arrange the delivery of your goods.
Online payment will start to be used after the trail period is ended. For more details on each payment method, please contact us at (035) 421-0697.

How do I know if my payment is done successfully?
Our customer service support will send an email confirmation and text message notification that your payment was successfully accepted and processed. If you do not receive any of the aforementioned, please email or call us at (035) 421-0697 for verification.

Where can I request an official receipt?
You may request for a physical or soft copy of your official receipt. This will be issued upon request and only when orders are completely delivered. All official receipts or sales invoices will be sent within 5 - 7 business days. An email request of soft copy is easier.

What are the shipping rates and surcharges?
TRUCKPARTS.COM.PH offers competitive shipping cost nationwide and door-to-door delivery.
Shipping fees will be shown after you check out your order.