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Front brake lining for Sinotruk

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Item Code: 199000440029

(Stock 10000)
Item Size: 
200*160*30mm (L*W*H)
Item weight: 
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Product Name: front brake lining
Product Code: 199000440029
Brand Name: SEENWON
On sale time: 2016-08-05
Manufacturing number: SIN0109010006

Part Name: Brake lining

Part NO.:199000440029

Category: front roller

Function: to slow down or stop the vehicle

Note: to be replaced when worn to the rivets or damaged (check it and to be replaced regularly) 199000440027 use together with 199000440029. Each brake shoe has one piece.

Mounted Position: (7) Inside of the left and right braking linings of front roller. 

Attention: This type of brake lining is used for sinotruk truck !

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