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ISUZU 100P Euro 3 Double Row Seat Light Truck

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Item Code: 1

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Item Size: 
5280*1800*2240mm (L*W*H)
Item weight: 
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Product Name: ISUZU 100P Euro 3 Double Row Seat Light Truck
Product Code: 1
Brand Name: ISUZU
On sale time: 2016-08-16
Manufacturing number: 
Basic information 
Announcement Models: QL10403FWR Type: Light  truck 
Driving Type: 4X2 Wheelbase: 2765mm
Engine: Isuzu 4JB1CN Transmission: 5-speed gearbox
Overall length: 5.28m Overall width: 1.88m
Overall height : 2.24m Tread:  Front tread:1385mm;Rear Tread:1425mm
Total weight: 2.34t  rated loading capacity: 1.43t
Curb weight: 4.095t Maximum speed : 98.0KM/h
Place of production Chongqing  Truck type: Light truck 
Engine: Isuzu 4JB1CN Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel type: Diesel displacement: 2.771L
Emission standard: euro 4  maximum power output: 72.0kw
Max Hp: 98hp
Cargo parameter
Cargo type: Cargo truck  Length: 2.56m
Width: 1.79m Height: 0.38m
Cab parameter 
Passenger: 5 Seat Rows Double rows
Transmission: 5-speed gearbox Forward gears: 5-speed 
Reverse gears: 1-speed 
Tires pecification: 6.50-15 10PR Tires number: 6
Number of springs: 8/6+5

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