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Main bearing shell

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Item Code: SIN0302010003

(Stock 10000)
Item Size: 
270*135*85mm (L*W*H)
Item weight: 
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Product Name: Main bearing shell
Product Code: SIN0302010003
Brand Name: SINOTRUK
On sale time: 2016-09-02
Manufacturing number: VG1500010046

Part name: Main bearing shell 

Part number:VG1500010046

Catagory: Engine 

Applicable models and brands:Weichai Power,Sinotruk.

Range of application: Sinotruk WD615 Euro III common rail engine  WeichaiWD12 Euro Ⅱ diesel series,Sinotruk WD615 EuroII diesel engine 

Weichai Wp10 euroIII series engine ,Sinotruk WD618 EuroⅡ diesel engine 

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